Dance of Many

PDFT Load Screens from PDA Exclusives

These screen shots come from the Take Photo feature in Project DIVA Future Tone, which is available while you are viewing a PV. This eliminates the fake motion blur, enables the picture to be used as loading screen in the game, and (as of Update 1.05) removes the Project DIVA logo in the upper-right corner.

These songs are exclusive to Project DIVA Arcade, and were initially released from 2010 to 2012.

Crypton Future Media licenses the images of its Vocaloids under CC-NC-BY

Sega reserves all rights to its depictions of CFM’s Vocaloids and all in-game assets.

You can share these pictures as if they were covered by CC-NC-BY-SA, but re-mixing/re-purposing individual assets is impossible due to Sega’s standard copyright.

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